How Many Months of Retirement Do I Have Today?

With Get FIRE you will see just how easy it is to grow your personal number of FIRE Points. With every FIRE Point that you own, you’ll be able to retire an extra month early! If you ask me, I’d say that early retirement has never sounded easier! What about you? Are you ready to get FIRE?

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With Get FIRE, you will...

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Get A Better Understanding of Your Own Personal Financial Situation

Get FIRE makes it easier to keep track over your finances. At any given time, you can gain a closer look at how much money you currently have, how expensive your standard of living is, how much your savings has grown from month to month, and the number of months that you can afford if you’re looking to retire early.

Improve Your Spending Behaviors

With Get FIRE, you will instantly be introduced to your very own personal bookkeeping companion designed to help ensure that you achieve your financial goals. Every time you record your daily income and expenses, you will have the opportunity to see the direct financial impact on your life. Having these insights now, you’ll be able to fully execute your savings strategy without a problem.


Keep Your Privacy Protected

Get FIRE is designed to have an additional layer of privacy protection; your master password. Every financial number and every note that you write down, will be automatically encrypted with your secret Master Password. This ensures that you – and only you – can read your financial data.

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FIRE Points Calculation

Have you ever wondered how to calculate FIRE Points? The math behind it is pretty simple: FIRE Points = Savings / Living Standard

Real Time Calculator



Living Standard:


FIRE Points ("How Many Months of Retirement Do I Have Today?"): 24 

Spot Your real Numbers

If you are not really sure what your living standard is, or how much money you have, Get FIRE is here to help you with that. On top of that, Get FIRE will directly calculate your number of FIRE Points.

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Get FIRE, Your Personal Bookkeeping Tool To...


Know Your Savings

Get FIRE helps you to manage all of your accounts in one place. Accounts can be cash in your piggy bank, bank accounts, credit cards, and any other location where you have money in.

Know Your Living Standard

With Get FIRE, you can start and track recurring incomes and expenses with ease. You’ll quickly learn your fixed costs, and how much money you can spend. Writing down every source of income and expense helps to tell you your Living Standard.

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A Comprehensive Financial Overview

Finally, Get FIRE helps you gain access to that bird’s eye view over your personal finances. From here, you will see simple summaries and meaningful charts. You will name your Living Standard, you’ll be able to see how much money you have, and you will know your personal number of FIRE Points. Together, you can now fully understand your own personal Financial Situation.

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Current Features

  • Manage and keep track of recurring income and expenses.
  • Write down every other single income and expense to calculate your living standard.
  • Calculate your personal number of FIRE Points that you have earned since using Get FIRE.
  • A Comprehensive overview full of deep insights about your spending behaviors.

Next upcoming Features

  • ⚙️ Manage all of your accounts with their current balances.
  • ⚙️ Calculate and show your personal number of FIRE Points based on savings.
  • ⚙️ Label and budget all your income and expenses.
  • ⚙️ Manage and keep track of all your investments.
  • ⚙️ With many more soon to come!

If you have feedback, or if you’d missed some features, let me know!

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Coming Soon

At this stage, the Get FIRE app is available as a free public beta. As soon as the beta phase is over, Get FIRE will only be available with a paid membership. All existing beta members will get an early bird discount of €59.95 per year or €7.95 per month. Future members (non-beta) get the membership for €119.95 per year or €12.95 per month.

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What happens if I lose my Master Password?

To open and read your financial data within Get FIRE you need the right key - your Master Password. Without your Master Password, all your collected data will be useless. Unfortunately, I can’t help if you’ve lost your password! This is our price, that we have to pay for high privacy protection.


On which Devices can I use Get FIRE?

Technically, the Get FIRE app is a web application. The big advantage of a web app is that it can be accessed through any device - mobile and desktop. All you need is a modern browser.

Additionally, you have the possibility to install Get FIRE on your desktop system as well, using the Chrome Browser for example.

Why won't Get FIRE be free?

The operation of Get FIRE causes ongoing costs to cover things like servers, software licenses, and hiring freelancers. In addition, I’d like to avoid the need to sell your data to keep the system up and running.

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Get In Touch

Nice to meet you! I'm Jan Hof, the creator of Get FIRE. I’m so passionate about this app, that I quit my job to work full time on it. Before that, I worked in software engineering for 7 years.

If you have a question, some feedback, or if you just want to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me a message on Twitter. You can also follow my blog:

Jan Hof